Detailed Guide: How To Buy From Taobao

If you find the 6 simple steps shown in our website is overly simple and you can not understand from it, below is the detailed guide written by us to make sure you understand clearly on how to buy from Taobao!

First and foremost, we provide All-in-one service for customers who would like to buy products from Taobao.

We will help you to buy, pay and ship the products from China sellers to your doorstep.



* We will email our Order Form once you have provided your email address.

* Kindly fill up your order details into the Order Form.  It will auto work out the estimated quotes for you. (May refer to “How to Order”)

* After filling up the order form, may forward the form to us for verification. We will check through the order form and revert to u with revised order form with our banking details.

* You may proceed we payment once finalising and confirming your order.

* Any plus or minus will be worked out later once all the parcels arrive at the warehouse. We will let you know the actual/volumetric weight once is confirmed by agent.


Detailed Explanation on “How to Fill up the Form”

1. Fill in your name, delivery address, contact number, email address and today’s date.


2. Paste in: (May refer the screenshot in “Step 2 & 3”)

  • Seller ID
  • Item’s URL link
  • Item Description
  • Color : If you have add into cart, you can copy the color directly or you can paste the direct link for the item’s images or you can inform us via email.
  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Item Price : Type in the bold Orange color numbers only
  • If you have any special remarks, please mention. Do not put your Color or Size option in this column.




3. Kindly forward back the Order Form to us.  We will insert the Estimated Weight and let you know the total estimated price to pay.

4. Once payment done, we will proceed to order for you. Any out of stock or changes of price, we will email you within 1-2 working days if we got notification from sellers.

5. After all parcels arrive in China Warehouse, we will send request to our China Agents to wrap the parcels for you.

6. China Agents will inform us the actual/volumetric weight for your parcel, we will collect any balance from you. If no payment update from you, we will confiscate your entire parcel until full payment is collected.

7. We will email the consignment details to you via email together with your order form. If we did not provide the final order form, please ask from us.

8. You may now wait for your arrival of your parcel.


** If you wish to purchase sensitive goods through Taobao, we do provide such service as well. Do email us:


Calculation for Volumetric Weight

Example 1:

The actual weight of items: 1 KG

Actual volume of goods: 25cm * 20cm * 30cm

Volumetric weight = (25 * 20 * 30) / 6000

= 2.5 KG

** Air freight charges are 3 KG. (2.001 KG to 2.999 KG will consider to 3 KG)


Example 2:

Actual item weight: 5 KG

Actual volume of goods: 25cm * 20cm * 30cm

Volumetric weight = (25 * 20 * 30) / 6000

= 2.5 KG

** Air freight charges are 5 KG


Actual/ Volumetric weight, China Agent will choose the heaviest weight.


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