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Always see something you want in China's websites but have no idea how to buy them over? We are here to SOLVE this problem of yours by providing purchase and shipping service from websites from China!

We are China shopping agent since 2009 and have more than 6 years of experience in purchasing items from all over China and ship them all over the world. When you use our service, you are in good hands.

Buy almost everything you can find in China, which include sensitive goods such as cosmetics, DVDs, electronic devices and many more! You name it, we buy it!

When mention about Taobao Shopping Agent, first thing that comes to your mind will be I Love Taobao!



We assist in ordering the products you want from China website. Don't worry if you don't understand Chinese, as we are here to help!


Don't have access to Alipay or China Bank account? You can pay us via Maybank, CIMB Clicks, Public bank and more as we can help you to pay for your products in China!


As a forwarding agent, we will ship your products from China to your house directly! No intermediaries are involved, so you get the best price!
How to Buy
  • Step 1: Download the Order Form

    Step 2: Browse to the product page and copy down the details

  • Step 3: Calculate Total Cost & Put an estimated weight

    Step 4: Pay The Full Amount

  • Step 5: Wait For Parcel To Deliver

    Step 6: Receive Your Parcel and Enjoy!

Download the Order Form: West Malaysia | East Malaysia

Detailed Step by Step Guide

  • Being dealing with I Love Taobao for almost a year now, never have a single problem that can not be solved. Recommended agent for all.
    Monica Ong, Online Bags Seller
  • Most of the items I buy from Taobao are sensitive goods, and you are the only one who can help me in this. Thanks for helping me to import these goods without too much extra cost!
    Peter Chan, Android TV Box Seller
  • Never fail to ship a single product! I'm very happy to work with you, for sure I will introduce more friends for you, thank you so much.
    Yusof Jamaluddin, Mobile Accessories Supplier
  • Many thanks for your service! Thanks to you I am able to source better prices of products and materials from Taobao, which help us to save cost by a lot!
    Syamala Bathmanathan, Beauty Specialist
  • Tq for your fast response and fast shipping, never fail to ship a single product. Definitely will recommend all my friends to your service!
    Ibrahim Fariz, Laptop Repair Expert
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West Malaysia
RM12 per kg
Price in RMB / 1.30
5-12 Days Delivery
Sensitive Goods Charge: RM22 per kg
Order, Pay & Ship
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East Malaysia
RM20 per kg
Price in RMB / 1.30
5-12 Days Delivery
Sensitive Goods Charge: RM28 per kg
Order, Pay & Ship
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Other Countries
Contact us for more information
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Detailed Guide: How To Buy From Taobao
If you find the 6 simple steps shown in our website is overly simple and you can not understand from it, below is the...
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Please take note that we use different order form for customers from different location. West Malaysia – DOWNLOAD ORDER FORM HERE East Malaysia – DOWNLOAD ORDER...
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